International Cooperation

Међународна сарадња

International Cooperation

As a College with a long tradition in education, Belgrade Polytechnic continually thinks, works, takes action, reacts to changes in the environment, rebuilds and develops itself. Guided by challenges the Belgrade Polytechnic strives to be better not only in education, but also in everyday activities. Every problem is seen as a new challenge.

Our mission is to provide high-quality education putting the needs of students in the center of our work. An institution with significant social role, Belgrade Polytechnic focuses on the social partner demands as an essence of its action.

We are dedicated to the creation, transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills, emphasizing knowledge as a fundamental value that permeates all our activities - higher education, research and development and cooperation with the society.

Bonded to long-standing tradition we build school whose excellence is in the education of experts in specific, applied fields, school that is recognized by graduate students, leaders in the professional world. In the educational area, the outcome of our work is highly qualified staff with focused knowledge and skills that qualifies it for direct involvement in work process.

Emphasizing commitment to quality of education as our fundamental goal, we constantly evaluate our results in relation to the degree of students and partners satisfaction.

Our vision is ‘’Belgrade Polytechnic among leading institutions of professional education in Republic of Serbia, recognized at international higher education area and professional environment, where students acquire competitive and global recognizable competencies.’’

The Belgrade Polytechnic is focused on the development of cooperation with other higher education institutions throughout the exchange of knowledge, skills and competencies in the European and international educational area. Our internationalization policy is based on:

  • Upgrading awareness about importance of exchanging know-how, ideas, experiences, as well as examples of good practice through students and staff mobility.
  • Strengthening capacities through international cooperation with other institutions.
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills and abilities through establishing strategic partnerships and knowledge alliances.
  • Reinforcing education approaches through inclusion of international elements in the curricula and teaching methodology.

Participation in international projects and programmes in the field of education, mobility and research is our task. We are looking forward to participate in formation of new international cooperation.

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