Incoming Students

Међународна сарадња

Incoming Students

Welcome to Belgrade Polytechnic!

Dear ERASMUS+-student/staff,

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at Belgrade Polytechnic within the ERASMUS+ exchange program. We hope the information on the following pages will be helpful to you. Please read all the information carefully, since it will help you when planning your stay in Belgrade!

We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes from Belgrade,
International Office

Erasmus+ incoming students

Belgrade Polytechnic accepts Erasmus+ students within the framework of a Bilateral Agreement with an HEI partner. These students enroll in courses and conform to the procedures indicated in the Bilateral Agreement.

Application and registration procedures and requirements:

  • Fill out and submit the Student Application Form, alongside with the Learning Agreement.
  • Complete the Learning Agreement in consideration with the Erasmus coordinator in your home institution regarding which course would be relevant and recognized as a contribution to your home degree program. Your coordinator may contact the Erasmus coordinator at Belgrade Polytechnic for additional information. Offered degree programmes are listed on the web page:
  • Student, home and host institutions sign The Learning Agreement. This procedure ensures that all involved are fully aware of what you will study at Belgrade Polytechnic. Upon confirmation of the Learning Agreement, Belgrade Polytechnic will issue a Letter of Acceptance.
  • Applicant has to scan and submit all application documents stated in the following list via e-mail to
  • Application Form
  • Learning Agreement
  • Copy of the passport;
  • Detailed CV (in English) – Europass Template to be used;
  • Letter of motivation (in English) - Europass Template to be used, max 1 page;
  • Certified, both copy and English translation of latest transcript of records;
  • Certified, both copy and English translation of Bachelor Diploma and Diploma Supplement (only for Master programme);
  • Statement of English language issued by a relevant home university department;
  • Proof of registration at home institution (student certificate, student card, etc.)
  • Student and International Office of home institution will both receive a Letter of Acceptance only after Department approval.
  • Please inform the International Office at Belgrade Polytechnic of arrival and departure dates, as soon as possible. The International Office will post the Orientation Programme via e-mail.
  • Two front face photos (3.5 х 4.5 cm), for issuing the student card.
  • Contact International Office for administrative and registration procedures, as soon as possible upon arrival.
  • A Student Card (“Indeks”) is issued upon arrival.
  • Belgrade Polytechnic will send a scanned Transcript of Records to International Office of home institution, upon successful conclusion of credit mobility.

IMPORTANT: The Student Guide provides information about visa, stay permit, accommodation, health insurance, public transport, cost of living, etc.

Arrangements for the recognition of credit mobility and prior learning (formal, informal, and non-formal)

The purpose of the academic recognition process is to encourage students to enroll in further education at Belgrade Polytechnic or other HEIs. The academic recognition is a process of validating accumulated ECTS credits and acquired learning outcomes in certain fields of study (technology and/or design). This validation is carried out in the following cases: candidates who possess a diploma, credit mobility students, candidates who have not finished formal professional Higher Education within the regular study interim and candidates who attended different short-cycle studies (non-formal education) in one or both mentioned fields. To gain academic recognition, candidates have to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of Diploma + Certified translation in English (if applicable);
  • Copy of Diploma Supplement + Certified translation in English (if applicable);
  • Certified copy of the latest transcript of records + Certified translation in English;
  • Curriculum (if unavailable at a web page of home institution);
  • Proof of paid administrative fees (fees are determined by the Belgrade Polytechnic pricelist).

The process of academic recognition takes into account acquired qualifications and is acknowledged by the National Qualification Framework. In the case when a candidate hasn't finished his/her study or attended short-cycle study, the acquired learning outcomes are acknowledged in line with the same/similar curriculum at Belgrade Polytechnic. Hence, the appropriate number of ECTS credits is accepted and the candidate is enrolled in the proper year of study. Finally, the Belgrade Polytechnic issues the candidate a rescript and he/she is able to continue education at Belgrade Polytechnic or at the other institutions.

With the assistance of the Belgrade Polytechnic Erasmus+ coordinator outgoing credit mobility students are required to complete the Learning Agreement and understand which courses would be relevant and recognized, and contribute to their degree program.

The ENIC-NARIC Center in Serbia is responsible for the academic recognition for the purpose of employment. More information is available at the following link:

Admission requirements, including language policy, and registration procedures Serbian Nationality and non-Erasmus+ exchange students

The candidates who decide to study at Belgrade Polytechnic must hold a High School degree and pass the entry tests. The content of entry tests depends on the Department of interest. Admission to Bachelor studies requires candidates to take a general education test. In addition, Department of Technology requires candidates to take another test choosing from Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, MS Office proficiency, depending on the field of study. The Department of Design requires candidates to pass drawing and aptitude tests.

Graduates, who hold a Bachelor or Bachelor applied degree, may well apply to the specialist and master study programmes.

Admission requirements for the Graphic Design Masters programme:

  • Bachelor or Bachelor applied diploma in Fine Arts, Architecture or Design,
  • Professional portfolio,
  • Cover letter,
  • Panel interview.

Admission requirements of Technology specialist study programmes:

  • Bachelor or Bachelor applied degree,
  • Professional portfolio,
  • Proficiency test

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